Crawford County Tax Collection Committee

The Crawford County Tax Collection Committee is made up of delegate and alternate delegates from each of the local 40 townships, 15 boroughs, 2 cities and each of the 5 area school districts.  The Committee is responsible for making sure the Crawford County Earned Income Taxes are collected from anyone working in the County and distributed to the local municipality and school district where the individual resides.

In 2016, the Legislative Budge and Finance Committee  surveyed all Tax Collection Committees  and collected information on the

Impact of Act 32 on the Collection of Local Earned Income Taxes.  The information is available on these two links.

Act 32 Report Status Highlights 2016

Act 32 Report Status Complete Document 2016

 Crawford County TCC Delegate 2023 Directory                     Crawford County TCC Bylaws                        Crawford County TCC Bylaws Update 2016

Crawford County TCC Audit Report 2023


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